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Monday, 7 May 2012

A lovely Market Day!

Lime Green Bean was delighted (to say the very least) to be at the Blos Mark this past Saturday.

It was amazing – the atmosphere was so relaxed and really reminded me of my many years in Cape Town!

There was so much fun for the kids and they were literally standing in queues to have their faces painted and when I saw how amazing they looked, I kind of wished I could have mine done too!!

There were also balloon animals for all the kids and of course the piñata was an absolute hoot! It took many a man to get that piñata open, but you can just imagine the elation thereafter!

Lime Green Bean stand

I really, really loved being there – the people were so friendly and loved my Lime Green Bean goodies – thank you all for your amazing support!

I just loved my little “shop” for the day – I worked really really hard, but it was SO worth it!

The Onesies were a real hit!

Lots of felt food and handmade clips!

Felt food display.. good enough to eat!

Bean Buddy Brooch kits

The market was perfectly organised and everything was beautifully presented and catered for. The Jazz band was awesome, and everyone brought their blankets and just relaxed under the big trees and had a really relaxing day .. and the food.. oh .. don’t get me started on the food..

I am happy to say that Lime Green Bean will certainly be at the next Blos Mark and I really hope to see you all there!

Take care,

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