Lime Green Bean

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Special Custom T-shirt Orders - A Unicorn & Rainbow

I just love getting special custom orders for kids tee's because it gives me an opportunity to make something extra special that I know will be really appreciated!

Most of the custom t-shirt orders I get are for birthdays or other special occasions, and the one below is no different - except - it is honestly my favourite, favourite custom t-shirt that I have ever had to make. I just love it to much!

I wanted to share how exactly I go about making these special custom t-shirts, because a great deal of love goes into making them and it certainly doesn't happen overnight!

So.. firstly, I get a special request from someone in an email for a custom t-shirt, and sometimes they even send a photo or image of what they want. This is usually great news for me because it gives me a better idea of what I am going to make. I also ask if there are any specific colours that they want me to use and gently remind them that I am unable to copy an image, but will gladly make my own interpretation of the image for them.

This special custom tee was for a little girl named Hannah, and her mom wanted it for her fourth birthday party, which  was a "Rainbow and Unicorn" theme!.. Of course I was SMITTEN! I love rainbows and unicorns so you can imagine my excitement!

So, the first step is to draw an image of what the tee will look like - like this:

Then I put in the other details

 .. and email it to the client to have a look at and let me know if I am on the right track.

Then I make a "stencil" with the paper drawing and use it to cut out the felt... like so:

I place the felt pieces onto the custom t-shirt and pin them in place. I send another photo of this to the client to confirm they are happy with the colours and so forth before I start sewing - 100% BY HAND :)

After many hours.. ta daaaaa!!!

It's done! I send a sneak preview to the client in another photo and then off if goes into the post, ready to make a little girl very happy!

Isn't little Hannah just the cutest ever! I am so glad that Lime Green Bean could make her day extra special!!

I really love this custom tee - I should have made one for myself!  A BIG thank you to Hannah's mom and to Red Dot Photography for allowing me to use these photos!

Have a happy day and may your days be filled with rainbows and unicorns too!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ooh la la at Market at Eau-la-la!

I am thrilled to announce that Lime Green Bean has been invited to join Eau-La-La at their Market on Saturday, the 1st of September from 9am to 2pm.

The market is at Cape Connection, 59 Garsfontein Road, Menlyn, the same location as their fab shop!

There will be loads of exhibitors many goodies to choose from!

I am really excited to be there and I do hope you will all pop in to come say "hi"!

See you there!