Lime Green Bean

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I'm still here!

Okay.. So I’ve been missing in action for quite a while now and I have to admit that I have been really busy with other design work for the past month or so. Its super good news for my other business, but BAD news for the uuber creative side of me.
I also need to say that my debut at the Rosemary Manor Market went poo and I was so, so disappointed!! If only I had the skills and the time to market Lime Green Bean properly! In the mean time, you should really check out their FAB new website..
Anywho.. I’m picking myself up and looking forward. I’m not totally out of my creative slump, (or lack thereof) and I am going to use this blog to display things I love, and things that I l want and things that make me happy! Like shopping (well at least with my eyes for now) sewing, gardening, baking, being creative and just being ME! So there!
Plus, I was so so happy to see that I have my very first follower! Well, Juanita.. you REALLY made my day.. no my YEAR!! THANK YOU!!!
So I actually sort of finished a painting that I have been working on since last year, and I’m so glad I worked on it a bit. Painting, much like ice cream with sprinkles.. are one of those small things that make me happy!

My Protea. Acrylic on canvas. Size approx 90cm x 120 cm. A work in progress..

Have a great day now!