Lime Green Bean

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Advert on Mommalicious Mammas Website

Have a look at Lime Green Beans' new advert on the Mommalicious Mammas website! I was so fortunate to receive this lovely photo from Nadine and she kindly allowed me to use it in my advert! Thanks so much Nadine!! xx

Isn't she the sweetest little "Poppedaisy" you've ever seen!!

Here you can see my advert on their website:

Mommalicious Mammas is filled with heaps of information for moms, and their facebook page is also a wonderful way to get information and advice from other moms.

Lime Green Bean will be running an exciting competition on the Mommalicious Mammas Facebook page, and the Lime Green Bean Facebook page real soon, so make sure you check in and enter!

Take care,