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Friday, 13 January 2012

What I think about when I am sewing...

When you are going something you really love to do, what do you think about? Perhaps you think about what you are going to make for dinner, or the heaps of work that are waiting for you at your office tomorrow..

When I am sewing a new custom tee for one of my clients I think about many things. Mostly I think about what the little person I am creating this t-shirt looks is like. Does he or she look like his mommy or his daddy?  What makes him laugh and what does this wide world hold for him or her..

I also think about my Ouma Julie, who was the kindest most amazing person I know. I always think that if I can only be half the person she was, I know I am a good, kind, considerate person.

To be honest I say a little prayer. I pray that the little person wearing my tee will be blessed endlessly with joy and love, and that the world will be kind to him or her  and they will grow up doing what they love, like I do. Little people are so special. They need to be nurtured and loved while they explore the wide world.

It makes me so happy to get emails from my clients with a photo of their happy little person wearing my tee, and when I received these photos today, I was so honoured. Look how cute he is!!!

Bless you little Wally! I am sure you bring your family heaps of joy, you sweet little guy!

Have a look at my facebook page for more photos’s sent by my lovely clients of their kids in my custom tees. Please feel free to send me photo's of your kiddo's in Lime Green Bean tee's to info<at>limegreenbean<dot>co<dot>za

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