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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

On A Photo Shoot & New Online Shop

I'm super lucky to be surrounded by so many creative people - many of my friends that studied graphic design with me and other creatives that have come into my life over the years are all very very, special to me.

So when I was approached by the lovely people over at Hello Pretty to set up a shop on their website - I new I needed some really awesome photos of my Lime Green Bean goodies.. and .. ta daaaa! my awesome friends came to the rescue!

They have started a little business or group if you will called the "Kiki Klub" Check out their cool logo:
How cool is that? It's four K's for each of the four members that form an aperture of a camera! I totally love it!
So I went to their studio one Sunday afternoon and they snapped away and did their magic..

I took these photos of them just for this post an to introduce them all to you!
Below.. (from top left - right) is Kevin (Kev) with my stylish over sized red handbag.. next is Veronique (V) with their cool Kiki Klub branded stuffers.. and below is Gideon (Giddie) with Buzz Lightyear and V again. The fourth Kiki Klubber - Danie (Daanster) was unfortunately not able to make it on the day!

and here.. are just a few of the amazing photos they took for me..
So if you are looking for some really super photographs, be sure to get into contact with them.. they are awesome..
..and of course..
pop over to and have a look at all the amazing goodies for sale, and have a lookie at my Lime Green Bean goodies that are currently available and all the pretty photos of them!
Take care,

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