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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Special Custom T-shirt Orders - A Unicorn & Rainbow

I just love getting special custom orders for kids tee's because it gives me an opportunity to make something extra special that I know will be really appreciated!

Most of the custom t-shirt orders I get are for birthdays or other special occasions, and the one below is no different - except - it is honestly my favourite, favourite custom t-shirt that I have ever had to make. I just love it to much!

I wanted to share how exactly I go about making these special custom t-shirts, because a great deal of love goes into making them and it certainly doesn't happen overnight!

So.. firstly, I get a special request from someone in an email for a custom t-shirt, and sometimes they even send a photo or image of what they want. This is usually great news for me because it gives me a better idea of what I am going to make. I also ask if there are any specific colours that they want me to use and gently remind them that I am unable to copy an image, but will gladly make my own interpretation of the image for them.

This special custom tee was for a little girl named Hannah, and her mom wanted it for her fourth birthday party, which  was a "Rainbow and Unicorn" theme!.. Of course I was SMITTEN! I love rainbows and unicorns so you can imagine my excitement!

So, the first step is to draw an image of what the tee will look like - like this:

Then I put in the other details

 .. and email it to the client to have a look at and let me know if I am on the right track.

Then I make a "stencil" with the paper drawing and use it to cut out the felt... like so:

I place the felt pieces onto the custom t-shirt and pin them in place. I send another photo of this to the client to confirm they are happy with the colours and so forth before I start sewing - 100% BY HAND :)

After many hours.. ta daaaaa!!!

It's done! I send a sneak preview to the client in another photo and then off if goes into the post, ready to make a little girl very happy!

Isn't little Hannah just the cutest ever! I am so glad that Lime Green Bean could make her day extra special!!

I really love this custom tee - I should have made one for myself!  A BIG thank you to Hannah's mom and to Red Dot Photography for allowing me to use these photos!

Have a happy day and may your days be filled with rainbows and unicorns too!


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